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15 February 2015

The Latest

I really intended to pay more attention to this blog, but as you can see from the number of recent posts, I've been very slack, or perhaps just lazy.

So, where do I begin? Oh, well you know about the Lost Wishes EP,  right? It came out so perfectly, especially the artwork.  Kevin Beard runs Box Bedroom Rebels and did all the artwork for the EP. We went with a rainy-day-library theme because I liked the idea of having a sleeve inspired by something Belle &Sebastian might have done. Warren Fournier took the wonderful photographs. He has a website here that you might be interested in. I was happy with most of the songs. I'll be giving a track by track analysis of the EP in a future post. 

I'm actually very busy at the moment recording a brand new EP that should be available this Summer.  We've joined the roster at Oscarson Records out of Germany for this one. It's about half way completed. Musically it won't be much different than Lost Wishes and may contain some of the longest songs we've done so far.