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03 July 2014

January Stars Named As One Of The Top 15 EPs Of 2014

Shoegazer Alive 9 recently posted their picks for the top 15 EPs so far of 2014. January Stars made the list at #4. You can view the whole list here.

Review of January Stars from Brazilian blog, Floga-Se'

Our dear friend, Fernando Lopez, has always been so kind to include us on his site year after year. Here is his review of January Stars.

January Stars EP

I'm pleased to announce our latest EP, January Stars. It was released on Dufflecoat Records in the UK and can be ordered from them. The digital version can be ordered here.

It's a pretty big departure from Sunbathing/Stargazing. I recorded all the vocals in a hotel room.

1. Without Her
2. Last One For The Team
3. January Stars
4 I'd Rather Not Remember