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06 October 2013

October Updates-Looking for ghosts!

I thought that since I haven't posted since the spring, the time was right to update this little blog that nobody bothers reading.  So, I spent the weekend with my wife and kids looking for ghosts. Seriously! It must be the time of year.
First off, we went to Alice Flagg's grave. Alice died of a broken heart and malaria in the mid 1800's after her affluent family denied her beau, a lumberjack, her hand in marriage. Her engagement ring was thrown into the waters of Murrells Inlet by her brother. Over the years, she has been seen in her white gown, searching the inlet for her lost ring and is buried in Pawley's Island just a few miles south of here. There is a well-worn foot path around her humble marble slab bearing only her first name. Apparently, if you walk around it backwards 7 times, she appears and tugs at your ring. Such a romantic story.
 We then traveled to the middle of nowhere to view the remains of a Gothic church where the architect fell to his death before it was completed. It was later completed in 1874 or something like that, but later burned down. All that remains is the facade. Legend says that the architect still haunts this place at night. We were too chicken to go at night. I mean, it literally is in the middle of nowhere and there is no cell phone reception

I said all that to say that I didn't spend anytime in the studio this weekend, but I didn't need to. The new Arctic Flow EP, Sunbathing/Stargazing, is nearly completed. The masters should be completed this weekend, along with the artwork. 7 brand new songs perfect for a most sincere pumpkin patch. Happy October!!


07 March 2013

Interview with Brazilian Blog, Chaotisch Und Charmant

Felipe from the Brazilian blog, Chaotisch Und Charmant, recently interviewed me. It was a splendid conversation and you can read it here.

23 January 2013

New EP-Dreams You'll Never Find

The latest EP is now available from Dufflecoat Records. It took nearly a year to make. I started recording songs for this EP in January 2012 and most of the songs were radically different from what eventually became the four songs on the EP. "Friends For Summer" started as a bosso-nova style song, while "Just Say Hello" was originally titled "Terrible Friend." It took nearly 12 months to record  because I sort of lost interest. I couldn't decide what style I wanted to have. I was nervous that no one would like it and I just kept second guessing myself. The more I did, the more depressed I became. I just knew I had to get it done before the end of the year and I just pushed and pushed until it came together at the last minute.

Dreams You'll Never Find

1. Just Say Hello
2. Friends For Summer
3. Cruel Kids
4. Dreams You'll Never Find

Stream it here.

Purchase your copy from Dufflecoat Records

13 September 2012

The Arctic Flow Featured in Indie Today

Doug from Indie Today asked me to contribute my thoughts about the songs from As Close To A Kiss As We Will Ever Be. It took a very long time to finally meet up, but it was worth it.  Click Here To See The Article

Doug is a long time fan and is a huge Horseshoes fan too. I think we may start a petition for Drew and Jacob to get that second Horseshoes album recorded. Who's with me?

06 July 2012

Official Video For "As Close To A Kiss As We Will Ever Be"

Our first "real" video was done for the title track of our latest EP and showed up out of nowhere on the Internet in January of 2012. It was all done so mysteriously.

Floga-Se Interview from 2011

My good friend Fernando Lopez (not him pictured above, that's me) lives in Brazil and lives a fabulous life. He has a music blog called Floga-Se. It's in Portuguese so I have no idea what it actually means. His English is better than mine. Last year he interviewed me (in English) and put it in his blog (in Portuguese). Here is your chance to learn a new language, or just get Google translator to get the gist.

The Arctic Flow interviewed by Fernando Lopez

Interview with Blue Boy and Poppy Girl-2011

I had a great interview with Shaun and Misa from the wonderful blog Blueboy and Poppy Girl last fall. They asked some really good questions and have a lovely little blog. Such a cute couple. Click below to read.
The Arctic Flow interviewed by Blue Boy and Poppy Girl