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23 January 2013

New EP-Dreams You'll Never Find

The latest EP is now available from Dufflecoat Records. It took nearly a year to make. I started recording songs for this EP in January 2012 and most of the songs were radically different from what eventually became the four songs on the EP. "Friends For Summer" started as a bosso-nova style song, while "Just Say Hello" was originally titled "Terrible Friend." It took nearly 12 months to record  because I sort of lost interest. I couldn't decide what style I wanted to have. I was nervous that no one would like it and I just kept second guessing myself. The more I did, the more depressed I became. I just knew I had to get it done before the end of the year and I just pushed and pushed until it came together at the last minute.

Dreams You'll Never Find

1. Just Say Hello
2. Friends For Summer
3. Cruel Kids
4. Dreams You'll Never Find

Stream it here.

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